Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CDL at The Wedding Salon

We were not physically present at { The Wedding Salon } event yesterday in L.A. (we wish we were!), but some of our work was. From what I hear, it was a blast with some of L.A.'s finest event professionals.

We are honored that Betty at { Type A Planning } invited us to contribute our stationery to showcase on her theme table. She did a fabulous job designing a modern table inspired by the black and white paisley print linen with soft and bold touches of pink. The stationery on the table is one of our newest and most popular design this year.

We thank Betty for the opportunity to work together, and congrats on a successful show and well-designed booth!

Photos courtesy of { Henry Chen Photography }

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Type A Planning said...

Hi Susanne - Thanks for posting about us today in your blog! Your lovely stationary was a big hit at the Wedding Salon. I hope to work with you again soon. Thanks again!